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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Where Are Hero Hackers?? Forgotten Hero Hackers By Cat Techie

What is the source of earning/income of all those notorious hackers. Read in next post with Cat Techie & Amarjit Singh

(Want to know where all these people have gone, what are they doing? what next..keep eying on this blog)

By Cat Techie

The day I started with my research I had to track down many hackers which was quite difficult task. During this journey I came across numerous new concept which no normal brain can even think of one of them was ‘Cyber War’. The first ideas that wallop my mind was this could be war between hackers from all countries. later as I started exploring I was jeopardize because I realised that virtual war is more harmful then any kind of physical war, There are highly talented hackers across the world who can be serious threat but also safety to government, economy and also infrastructure of respective countries. Till now except the ethical hacker no other hacker is known by their original names. all are coded with some different name or number, there is a great story behind these names, how these names came is existance and why they got these codes is yet another story to read. I am deffinately going to discuss about the same in near future. Cyber war was started by the Pakistani group of hackers named ‘paksbug’ which was maintained by zombie_ksa and his fellow team mates. Zombie_ksa is known to be one the highly talented hacker from Pakistan few of them mark him as a legend, his identity is still a mystery there are so many myths and rumors about this hacker. this arab hacker made his bench mark in hacking trends. I have special liking for this hacker for his uniqueness.

Amongst everybody, the major components or hackers of this group were ‘spoofer’, ‘Xoom-Xoom’, ‘big smoke’, and ‘cyber crime’ (these are substitute names given to them their real names you can get to read in Cyber terror book).

Due to the hatred for India this group started posting nude pictures of Indian girls in their community more over the Indian god were abused which was no longer tolerated by the Indian hacker. To retaliate and express disagreement Indian hackers also formed a group which was named as ICW i.e., Indian Cyber Warrior the founder of these group were Rascle (Gaurav Singh), Sai Satish, and Smart(keval) . Later so many people became members of this group, they started attacking pak cyber space but never wrote anything ill or against their almighty god, neither insulted any gender. This gave rise in the defacement of the sites from both the countries. With the growing hatred towards each other this lead to the formation of two more new groups that was PCA the founder of this group was Harun from Pakistan. Now there is one more PCA founded by .

After this there are a serias of hackers came in existance, now a days the hackers mashroomed like anything. there is one more hacker Cyber swati, how this hacker got indian name and what is his in cyber terror.

One fine day both the opponent groups realised that only defacement is not the solution so the graph of hacking came down and thus here this phase was ended with the signs of maturity. But was this an end??? NO.

This time it was a quite a major issue. After few months a guy named ‘Xoom-Xoom’ regenerate the conflict by hacking our prime minister site ‘Manmohan’ cyber war was revived but this time ICW did not retaliate May be it was the question of their ego. Hackers are known to maintain their principles and so they do not wish to go against.By then ICW and paksbug were only two active groups. This was the time where zombie realised his skill and gradually he started hacking bigger sites like national internet back bone of morocco then, and He almost ended up hacking all the sites of Uganda and stopped attacking India. So as ICW was dead by that time.Injector, Sai satish one of the most legendary hacker known for his integrity gave up, and every one went their way. Today they all are working in different IT companies.

Indishell was the group formed and the founder by ‘hack my PC’ who was basically from London. The major platform of the group was patriotism. He trained many ordinary minds to expert hacking. Patriotism of this group was immense and was intensely mounting day by day.
What ‘Xoom-Xoom’did he ignored everything and in addition to this he ramdomly started defacing sites. Mean while another group was formed by some Pakistani hackers named ‘pak hackers’ the founder of these group called himself as a ‘spider’ who was from Afghanistan, he is the leader of afghan cyber army ,once again filthy game of defacing came in full force.

Indian sites were above to hit the top, an avarage 25 sites a day was at the target of Pak hackers. Still the Indishell was quite, and they did not reciprocate but these was high time as the defacing Indian sites went beyond limit.Two new strong Indian hackers started retaliating pak hackers. They were M.XXX and silent poison. The new brilliant hacker was thrown at the battle to controll situations his name is c0de Breaker, who was trained by ‘hack my pc’ he was the new heir of Indishell. S
ilent poison approached c0de breaker for defacements in which nations pride was the most important topic, this is the phase where indishell came into highlight.One more group was formed and that was cyber which was super monitored by a hacker called his partners in this group was net cracker, these was formed due to the disputes between shack and the member of pak hackers. Shak is heartthrob of young aspiring hackers of Pakistan as well as India.

These three groups were on the top on the list of cyber war. In this was indishell ended up by hacking cyber complete back up and old data was erased by indeshell so that there won’t be any chance of them coming back in existance. It’s still been three months no trace of these guys is been found. Now the only person left is shak and few others who knows the technique of SQL injection and Google hacking. None of these member were even partially related to ethical hacking.

The most undue advantage was taken by SQL attack was by shack and nut crackers now their target was common man, who regularly does net shopping. These hackers hacked credit cards by introducing server of Pakistan in Germany, later on even that was suspended because the bank of these credit cards started giving back to these hackers in strrn actions. But nobody could stop this hackers from committing crimes, once again they use to establish themselves with new servers and by hacking new credit cards.

What they were doing wasn’t sufficient so they started teaching credit card hacking through their websites and forums, after some time they had to close this due to the legal problem raised by banks...Pak police started clutching there hackers and illegally the institutions were getting operated behind the eyes of law. Indishell reported this to the CMO office. Unfortunately all the officer went blind folded. There was no other option for indeshell to wait for 14th august as it was Pakistan’s independence day. On that dayPakistani hackers defaced 18 Indian sites with abusive language, they abuse India and also insulted the lord ram by pasting his face to a dogs body. this went in to the nerves of Indian hackers specially Indishell . they answered them through Gang Bang and ICA came in action with the hackers like Mr.XXX, silent poison, Inex root, dark look, and code breaker himself. by that time indishell became a open door for every hacker around the world. ICA was started by lucky and silent poison then after indian hacker started joining their camp. here after so many things happened but wait for some time to read in details..

What is the source of earning/income of all those notorious hackers. Read in next post with Cat Techie & Amarjit Singh

(Want to know where all these people have gone, what are they doing? what next..keep eying on this blog)

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