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Saturday, August 28, 2010

I Invite all my Hacker friends

"We are coming up with an exclusive edition of our magazine “Beyond the News” and also publishing a book on “Cyber Terrors”, I would like to invite maximum interviews and opinions of hackers on this issue. Below I have give a few questions if you can answer then please post them to" Thanks.

1) What is the modus operandi of professional hackers?

1) What kind of finance back up is there for hackers?

2) Which are the websites which have been

Hacked recently by you?

3) There are lot of Indian politicians and other bigwigs whose money is lying in Swiss bank accounts? How do you hack these accounts?

4) How many Indian hackers are supporting Pakistani hackers? Why?

5) Have you heard of Bruce Sterling book "The Hacker Crackdown" where they gave an interview with the head of the New York Police Department? He says hackers are principally not good at creative programming. What do you think about it?

6) Is it hard to penetrate into the "closed" computer systems?

7) What objects on the territory of India and Pakistan represent real interest for hackers?

10) What hacker achievements could you tell us about?

11) Is hacking threat to you as well?

12) Do you accept that you are a criminal?

13) Why is the image of a hacker associated with romantics of 21st century for some people, and with crimes and computer piracy for others?

14) Is it true, that hackers break into corporate computer systems and steal the source code to satisfy their curiosity, but later on deny the stories that any hacking has happened into the Indian Security Intelligence sites?

How maker the best use of Hackers Politicians or Corporate sectors?

15) How did people come to know about you and how do multiply your business?

16) Since you are in anonymity in the online world, especially the cyber security sector, is there insecurity and paranoia associated?

17) Ever since the era when you were an illegal hacker, and the contemporary landscape, how easy is it to hack a computer? Has security improved much? Have things changed vis a vis what you did years ago?

18) This is just for understanding as to how vulnerable is the common user?

19) What does social engineering mean in the context of hacking?

20) How do they use this concept of social engineering?

21) How would you consider the safety of online banking and credit cards online usage?

22) Do you also use online banking for monetary transactions?

23) What achievements in cyber space made you a celebrity overnight in your community?

24) When you hear "CBI," that's got to be a bit chilling. Is it?

25) Do you have brainstorming sessions with your team?

26) Do you sign contracts with your clients?

27) I think you attract a lot of media attention? How does it feel?

28) What are your other hobbies?

29) Have you ever been hacked?

30) What can you tell us about iPhone hacking? What is the technology involved?

30) What do you see as the future of hacking in the next 5 years?

31} why there is no unity in hackers?

32} is it true that hackers are always anti nationals?

33} what is the biggest threat to hacker?

34} can this profession ever be really ethical?

35}have you ever thought of challenging Bill gates?

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