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Friday, August 27, 2010

Victims of Hackers

• 18 Aug 2010 At about 1.50am (2350 GMT), under the cover of darkness, the Unit?s Company Operating Base at Kirumba was approached by five innocent looking civilians," the Indian army said in a statement.

• 13 Aug 2010.Indian government accuses UK, US hackers of website attack Banning secure messaging while leaving government websites unsecured.

• Aug 13 2010 .Communal threat first in history of hacking. “Stop me if you can” and was signed by a man calling himself Imran Azar Khan. Senior officials say it was obviously a prank mail but “nothing could be left to chance” given that August 15 was nearing. Also, the words “stop me if you can” and the timing of the email (midnight) were similar to emails received from arrested men suspected to belong to the Indian Mujahideen.

• August 25, 2010 The news was confirmed when Indian reel rag Filmfare's twitter account tweeted informing its followers, “Hey people! @NeilNMukesh’s account has been hacked! Kindly unfollow! We'll let you know when Neil is back in action on twitter

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