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Friday, September 24, 2010

Cyber war between Porki and patriotic hackers

Cyber War Between Porki & Patriotic Hackers

SOURCE: Cyber Terror

The hacking rivalry between Pakistani and Indian hackers is known to almost everyone. Pakistani hackers are known to be most unethical hacker and our Indian hackers call them porkis.

This cyber war is never going to stop. This has infected several countries across the globe. In the age of Technology wars the battles are not fought by weapons or atomic powers but it’s on raise through the advent of Information Technology, the pace of cyber wars between Pakistan and India have also been increased. Actually Information is a source of learning. But unless it is organized, processed, and available to the right people in a format for decision making, it is a burden, not a benefit.Cyberwars between the two countries first started in May 1998, when India conducted its nuclear tests. Soon after India officially announced the test, a group of UK based hackers called milw0rm broke into the Bhabha Atomic Research Center web site and posted anti-India and anti-nuclear messages.
Recently it seems like a Cyber war has been started between Pakistani Hackers and Indian hackers. This all started when IGCOE Hacker from India hacked Punjabi Pakistani Police official website. In Response to it Pakistani Hackers hacked India's several official websites. Whenever Indian hacker hacks Pakistani website they leave message on that website “You Porki You is hacked”. Porki word had come from pork, Muslims they hate pork and they treat this term as slang. May be that’s the reason Indian hackers have preferred using this word for pakihackers.

As per Indian constitution hacking is crime let it be ethical or unethical. The irony is that other nations are using these hackers to sabotage neighboring countries as well as protect their own cyber world. Actually if given a chance or If Indian hackers taken into confidence they can create wonders by protecting entire cyber network of India because India has most efficient hackers on the globe. Definitely one would like to know that who wins the battle Pakistani hackers or Indian Hackers, the answer is nun. There is nothing to win but it’s a loose .Both Pakistani and Indian websites got hacked which means that both the countries suffered security threats. This battle may result in loss of innocent people who are not the part of war. The common method which is used widely is SQL Injection.SQL Injection involves entering SQL code into web forms, eg. Login fields, or into the browser address field, to access and manipulate the database behind the site, system or application. The other methods which were used are Brute force or Dictionary Attacks. The hackers might have cracked FTP password to gain access to Server. Earlier Pakistani hackers used to be called Pakbugs and Indian hackers named HMG.
There are some so called ethical hackers over rated by media and over hyped more than their actual caliber, but some hackers do not even know who this Ankit Fadia is, There are lot of arguments and facts against him, Some people says he is not a HACKER he is just a businessman.

At the age of 14 Ankit Fadia started a website called “HackingTruths”, which he claims was judged as the “second best hacking site in the world by the FBI”. The question is that no one knows when did FBI started rating hacking sites? And suppose if FBI do so then why should they over look or neglect rating other such sites and blogs which has much more potential than fadia’s claims. FBI is and investigation agency and it has got nothing to do with the ranking of any such website. Fadia’s claims seems to be flopped because he has never created any tools for hacking. Most intelligence agencies like NSA have expert cryptanalyst with PhD’s and super fast clusters to get their job done why will they require this mature guy to do such serious job? So called great hackers website was hacked In December 2009 it was Fadia’s business site, was hacked by a spammer promoting pharmaceutical products for erectile dysfunction. The question remains here is why this so called “INDIA’S BEST HACKER” couldn’t protect his site from other hackers? If given a chance and assurance to capable hackers of this country they can do much much… more than Fadia. Its high time Government should take help of these hackers to protect our own cyber network and use them as cyber army.
The recent Independence Day was a nightmare for some of the webmasters and website owners of both India and Pakistan. The attack was started by Pakistani hackers defacing some Indian websites on 14th August; this was followed by counter attack from Indian Hackers. In the counter attack from both the sides’ lot of websites were hacked and defaced. The attack was started by Pakistani groups called Pak Cyber Army and PakHaxors, these groups have defaced around 10-20 websites .the counter attack was lead by Indian hackers called Indishell and Indian Cyber Army who are claiming to deface more than 2000 Pakistani websites but Zone-h data confirms the 1000+ figure.

Indian hackers always thought they were too sophisticated to fall into the hands of the rough cops in this country, whom various human rights groups routinely accuse of brutality. Why should government and police is so merciless with the hackers? They want to be on the official side of Internet security now but they are scared because they are treated as a criminal then it leaves an unpleasant taste. Indian hackers don’t have a strong united community, so it’s difficult to tell if there is a drop in activity may be that’s the reason the hackers are lying low. Nobody wants to mess again.

Cyber War Between Porki & Patriotic Hackers

SOURCE: Cyber Terror

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