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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Vaidehi Sachin, Group Editor of News Maker: Success Story from Print Media to Cyber Media

Vaidehi Sachin, Group Editor of News Maker: Success Story from Print Media to Cyber Media

Afternoon newspaper Vaidehi Sachin victim of good bad and ugly traits.UNBELIEVABLE SHOCKING INSIDE STORIES AND THE DIRTY POLITICS PLAYED BY the frustrated soles in ADC

Behram Contractor (1930 – 2001), also known as Busybee, was one of the popular figures in Indian journalism. He worked at the "Free Press Journal", "Times of India" (Bombay), and "Midday" before founding his own newspaper "The Afternoon Dispatch and Courier" in 1985. The usp of this paper was Behram’s columns "Eating Out" which featured one of the best Mumbai restaurants giving a glimpse of many Indian and international cuisines. He was awarded the Padma Shri in 1990, and the Goenka Award for Excellence in Journalism in 1996. In 1998, Behram published "From Bombay to Mumbai", a collection of the best of Busybee's columns from 1996 and 1997. Behram Contractor died in 2001 from a heart attack. After his death for some time his widow Farjana took over the show and was trying to manage doing her best. But 2001 onwards this paper saw major fall in the market and Mid-day just gulped its remained existence. Einancer of this paper Kamal Morarka just took over the paper from Ferzana and moved it out of Afternoon House, The imminent demise of the Afternoon Despatch & Courier –once praiseworthy evening newspaper of Mumbai.

Regular readers of the Afternoon since its inception were greatly saddened by the paper’s sudden disappearance; and delighted at its sudden reappearance on 30th November it was probably the most understated and unobtrusive re-launch in the history of journalism. There were no promos announcing its second coming; and no explanation whatsoever, in its new avatar, as to why it ceased publication so mysteriously; and what the circumstances were that led to its rebirth. Be that as it may, but the happiness of the readers was short lived.

One of the qualities that made the Afternoon a class apart for some of its peers was its refusal to the demands of crass commercialism by entering to the lowest common denominator. Therefore, a cause of genuine distress for readers to observe this once-excellent periodical guilty of that very sin in its reborn avatar. The most glaring example was one of the daily column, entitled “Only Sex”, supposedly authored by some character who calls himself Kama Shastra . The obvious and only purpose of this travesty could be an ill-founded attempt to increase circulation, by means of cheap titillation. Another inanity is something that goes by the title of Bindas/Kay being totally perplexed by this piece of nonsense. Is it meant to be humorous or witty? It certainly is not. Then it was given to understand that the principal reason the Afternoon was discontinued, in its previous format, was that it was not generating sufficient revenue. This is perfectly understandable. The altruistic function of a newspaper may be to impart unbiased information to the general populace but, when all is said and done, it is a business, like any other. However, with a little more application of mind, the owner’s objective could be achieved in a less demeaning manner. The paper remained as dead horse in the market.

Some news team joined Afternoon, good stories, columns and little humor was back to news paper. Mobin Pandit really changed the paper upside down, every day I used to read Vaidehi Sachin with sensational new story, sometimes some Pradeep Gupta and many a times Vishnu and Shoeb. But over all paper could see only one name that was Vaidehi Sachin, everyone thought the news team could do wonders to our beloved tabloid, the paper started gaining mileage and as a reader I used to enjoy reading Front page. This continued for time some time and all of sudden again paper started struggling for its existence.Afternoon’s ambience got polluted one by one people started leaving the paper. The first person to get out of news paper was Mobin Pandit. Such a senior Journalist and vise desk person became victim of dirty politics. Morarka was never bothered to look into such things he just used to get carried away by hearsays. His P A was his birbal or you can call him anything, he started dominating editorial authorities, ammoniums letters, bad mails, and critics from all the side forced mobin quit Afternoon.

Again spare time associate editor took over the reins and Afternoon once again started shaking. During this period Vaidehi managed the show it seems along with Suresh Baliga. Vaidehi was educated young smart girl anyhow maintained good relations with management. Some what she was favored a lot by upper crust of Courier publication management. Or in other words due to her influences Management was just securing her to get done their unwanted jobs as such, getting admissions for morarka’s friends children, getting the license renewed for his relatives defaulted hotel, getting his PA’s relative transferred from one place to another…etc… more than anything Vaidehi’s visits to mantralaya and ministers was for these purposes. Some where the saturation came her way and more over no one used to like her in that office. She was talented, her proficiency at news was excellent but by nature she was not only arrogant but also very blunt. The so called old staff used to plan her exit. One fine day vaidehi made front page story favoring the statements of Morarka’s brother in her story on solar eclipse, because his brother is known as astrologer and here things went wrong against her because she was not aware of the dispute between two brothers.

Poor girl had to leave News paper with lots of pain and humiliation, Then the face of Afternoon Vaidehi Sachin, was not in a mood to get out of it and wisely started her magazine and then all of a sudden reached stalls with her own eveninger “AFTERNOON VOICE” was big threat to ADC’s existence. Beautiful content, strong marketing and sensing all kind of obstacles from dispatch she just rushed her way. All ADC readers initially criticized her but then they all became her fan. I should appreciate her guts; she compelled ADC to come down with its adamant prize of two rupees. She made them change the look of the paper. Under insecurities and threat from her paper, ADC had to do all that which they were not at all ready to do. ADC readers started bless her because it was blessing in disguise for them.

Readers and well wishers started enjoying this cold war between Afternoon and Afternoon, today Vaidehi has proved one thing, news paper is no more a prerogative of rich and famous people. Vaidehi could be owner, publisher and editor but if A business man desires to do so he can never ever think of least now they have learned to respect their staff. They did all possible best but couldn’t sustain with good quality stuff.Call me a purist, but I believe an English language newspaper has a duty towards its readers to ensure that the English employed by its reporters and correspondents is impeccable. Hence, it was a shock to notice that the quality of English, in the Afternoon’s revised version, had deteriorated considerably.

This decline was particularly dramatic in a publication that had prided itself on its grammatical and linguistic correctness. The all-important front page – which should be checked by a senior sub-editor at the least, was replete with errors. The debacle continued till date. One can excuse – and even tolerate – bloopers like this in a fledgling publication, but certainly not in the Afternoon; which espoused a standard of journalism held up as an example to other newspapers. I sincerely hope the Afternoon soon regains its former glory. Else the rival paper is waiting for right time to take a leap. Young team, dedicated editor, clean and unpolluted ambience and right approach could take Afternoon Voice to good lead.It’s high time they need to understand good bad and ugly amongst them. ADC needs leadership like Mobin Pandit and Farzana can take over everything but cannot execute a brain child of such a legend the way did. One has to face the fact that Afternoon was Behram’s baby and it died with him. What is existing is nothing but sole-less body and false pride.

on 1st May Taj Hotel was over croweded with biggies of India, NBC had its awards night, simple dressed young lady was the gate to receive all the guests, many of the guests were from south mumbai and loyal reader of ADC. they were their with all sort of ciritc in them, the event ended with happy note and Vaidehi took over the mike to give vote fo thanks, she gave her heartist thanks to D.shivanandan, RA Rajiv and Nandini Sardesai..and began her speach with the struggle story of her Afternoon voice, she kept on expressing and no body moved.the kind of trauma she went through these years as ADC employee and then Editor of AV, every body stood and gave her standing ovation. I too got bog goosebumps, my heart was grilling me.there were many people went to stage to hug her, she gave a sweet smile with roling tears and asked for blessings.
The modest and honest team of her added charm to her personality. Aditi Taman 20yrs girl compared the show with pep english, giggling energy and surprised everyone with her ability to hoast the show.

Afternoon Voice team was moving around smoothly and the way they all presented was an example of parrlal journalism.
she deserves the best of support from all readers.

We need Mobin Pandit like journalist to carry legacy of evening tabloide. we need to respect scribs, the other side of the desk needs to give them proper respect, one need to understand the value of such young struggler.

Finally few months back Vaidehi Sachin took a revolutionary step with the support from intelligence sources, to unite all ethical & unethical hackers of India. Register them under cyber employment act & create a new young army for Cyber security of our country INDIA.The intention is to rehabilitate youth lured in cyber crime.

Who is Vaidehi Sachin?

Vaidehi Sachin is a graduate and-journalist by profession who’s the owner of NewsMakers Publications Pvt.lts Now. She started her carrier with Free Press and worked as city editor of the Afternoon Despatch and Courier, an eveninger published from Mumbai since last 23 years. At Afternoon she joined as correspondent and promoted as cityeditor and soon became face of ADC. That gave jolt to so many false custodians of ADC. Vaidehi’s attitude arrogance and straight forward tomboyish nature couldn’t give space to these unwanted goons at ADC to play politics. Very well resourced, well connected and her bench mark of writing gave her boost and she became famous overnight. She worked with ADC till March 2009. And in May 2009 she came up with her own newspaper called Afternnon Voice which is a great success story. And the so called ADC loyalists are begging jobs on the road and has no existence in media.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR OF THIS STORY: Who am I and why I am writing in favor of these people?

Jyestha Arya

You must be surprised to notice why this girl all of a sudden stood up voicing for Vaidehi, and Mobinji and other journalists? You query is right. My sister too was working with sashidharan who is nothing but a page designer but has craving to become a reporter, sometimes he use to copy some business articles from mint used to modify them and gets published. My sis caught him, but never reacted looking at the hierarchy in media every one dose so. But this man started giving her indecent advances, he started dominating her and finally as he tried maligning Vaidehi madam’s image he did the same with my sister by sending all ammoniums post to her editor, he was bad mouthing about her, it’s not only she but he did the same with every new comer. Finally he got tit for tat, his smartness couldn’t work with vaidehi and he had to quit the paper. In ADC also he used to write fake letters, dirty posts but management didn’t pay much attention, out of frustration he chose this way and started blogging about a girl of his daughter’s age. One has to pay for his own deeds..god is great.

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Vaidehi Sachin, Group Editor of News Maker: Success Story from Print Media to Cyber Media


  1. this is one of the fantstic happening that an hacker has lauded his voice for a journalist.Viadehi is an example of decent journalism.but she too have one wrosrt of quality that is her ademency and arrogence.may be that has reached her to peak.I worked with her for four years in BBC network.the writer has forgot to mention about this.i will all the success to team of Cyber Ghost and appriciate the efforts taken by the bloger.
    Meenaskhi Sunder,
    23'park street,T nagat Chennai

  2. Yes u r right....she can reach upto any peak.. and one day she will rule the Indian Media.

  3. After a long time Mobin Panditji's name is read.He is a great journalist.vaidehi vaidehi hey rich girl,you proved it,today i was very nuch moved to read this article.god bless you dear long way to come.has mobinji joined you? i wish to see your team united again .it was fun reading you all.vaidehi i purchased you crazy scribe from singapore airport and was shocked see your humorous side.girl keep it up
    vandana shah

  4. I wish her are very true orphan girl without any support concored this odd world,god is very kind to her.this is her second birth.You have written it very well, she can reach upto any peak.. and one day she will rule the Indian Media.
    big round of kuddos to you too boy.
    Meenaskhi Sunder

  5. @ Meenaskhi Sunder

    Thanks a ton. I just came to know that are senior to Vaidehi Sister.

    Welcome here...

  6. It’s amazing to see this girls struggle story, as managing editor of the newspaper, she hold a position I would never hold at any paper. Just logged on to her website In terms of news, content, the news paper is larger than life. She really has the ability to really make a difference. And as anyone who has ever worked at his or her paper knows, it’s really a full-time job. I’m managing people — people who care about their jobs as much as I do, and who care about getting the news out. If the pen is mightier than the sword — well, we’re flying bombers at young ages. The paper has the potential to make people incredibly proud or incredibly angry. Oh my god she did it and achieved everything. Which means the editorial board needs to strive to make decisions with the discretion people twice our age struggle to harness. Its sad to see in India journalist had to go through lots of hierarchy.
    Independent Florida Alligator

  7. sister??? how do you know about us?hey you people are doing great job who is launching this magazine Cyber Ghost? its need of today.please ask vaidehi to get in touch.i know she is angry with me but ask her to forget and forgive.
    world is really small place.god bless you dear.

  8. @Meenaskhi

    I informed here about your comments.. and that moment was very emotional for her...Really..

    This magazine will be launched on 7 Oct at Chandigarh.. pls come..

  9. @Editor Independent Florida Alligator

    Yes.... her every story consists a life in it...

    Thanks for comment & keep visiting

  10. vaidehiji bahot aacha laga.Mujhe nahi pata tha aap pe kya kya gujri.bhagwan aapko har khushi de.
    Alok Jatratkar,
    PRO to Dy.Chief Minister,
    022-2283 5759

  11. @Alok Jatratkar

    Thanks for comment & keep visiting. You message has been forwarded to Vaidehi Sister

  12. After a long time Mobin Panditji's name is read.He is a great journalist.vaidehi vaidehi hey rich girl,you proved it,today i was very nuch moved to read this article.god bless you dear long way to come.has mobinji joined you? i wish to see your team united again .it was fun reading you all.vaidehi i purchased you crazy scribe from singapore airport and was shocked see your humorous side.girl keep it up vandana shah

  13. vaidehi chotu. Kaisi hai aap i am feeling not only proud but confident.Just cant forget those horrible days in ADC,fortunately somebody mentioned about this blog.I read whole article.I am in Katar and working for online publication, life here is relaxed but no freedom.I miss old days.You please send me Cyber Ghost details i will publish them here. who is this Amarjit Singh.He has golden heart,i am impressed the way he has written entire epik on you, its very kind and human.very humble writing.I was very sad,my heart was crunching.Gussa bahot aaya par kabiybi kidastan ne haulese khushiya bikher di.Tum hamesha khush raho.
    heartfull regards

  14. @ Mobin Pandit Sir

    Thanks for your comment....We all was searching for finally our voice reached to you...

    Your message has been forwarded to Vaidehi Sister.

    Myself, Amarjit Singh...Owner of this site freehacking..and working with sister on Cyber Ghost.

  15. That is something hillerious, chotu has become hacker or you became reporter? Tell her to send me all the details urgentely.this is something of great hard on media.tell her to apply all her force to get best of media publicity.You kids have great future, there is only one such magazine gets published from america. This could be India's first such magazine and highlite it everywhere. I saw her company profile, i salute her dedication. she made it and proved herself. If this is the speed i am sure she will deffinately set new trends in media world.Your team is young and inovative.dont waste single second just hammer it every where. wish you all a great success ahead.

  16. @ Mobin Sir,

    Lolz... you are correct.. Sister become hacker now & I become reporter..... :)

    Well I just informed to Sister & she was Shocked...really shocked... She will be online in few moments...then she will talk to you.

  17. Sir,
    i am out of words,cant sustain with so many surprises.i have mailed you everything in details. Amar is my brother, aap kehte the na eak bhai hona chahiye tha tumhare kan khichneke liye. look god has blessed me with one,he is co author of my book,and for magazine his contribution and proficiency is par excellent.
    Sir I am missing you, missing all old days,irani chai,maska pav and gossips.please call me i have mailed you my number. Love you sir

    Vaidehi Sachin

  18. hey amarjit singh this article is from my blog. I dont have any objection that you have displayed it here.My intension is to do justice with honest scribes.I can also see that its gaining maximum attention.
    Jyestha Arya

  19. journey of journalist? very hearttocuhing story.
    Best Regards,
    Simon Carkeek,
    Executive Director,
    Direct line: +44 (0) 207 375 7181

  20. Lady scribe. Good keep it up.
    when goinf gets tough,the tough gets going.
    Sheldon Santwan,
    TravelBiz Monitor
    Direct Line: +91 22 3027 2401

  21. vaidehi sachin a name of media power

    all the best

    my best wishes with u ever take care krishna bless u

    Gaur .....


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