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Saturday, October 30, 2010

CYBER TERROR Book Launched Successfully

CYBER TERROR Book Launched Successfully

Thanks To one and all - By Vaidahi Sachin

Before I start introducing you to this book I would like to say thanks to all my little friends Mayank, Vishvajeet, Rafay Baloch, Chandu, Ankit, Nagarjun, Aditi, Cyber Expert Sachin Vaze and top cops of Mumbai police, leagal think tanks, my staff gayatri, sandeep, Amit and Rohini.

Amarjit Singh - Reason for writing this book.

Special thanks to Indian Cyber Army, Pakistan Cyber Army, All black hat hackers, White hat hackers and every hidden sourece who made this venture possible for me. My heartise thanks to Mumbai police, cyber crimes expert Mr.Vijay Mukhi and entire police force of our country, who dedicate their lives to stop crime.

The book is written/researched and edited exclusively by Vaidehi Sachin & Co-researched by Amarjit singh



  1. Congo!! Is there any online version of version of the book?


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