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Monday, November 1, 2010

Botnet Infection Takes Less Than Five Minutes to Infect the System

According to reports released by the security researchers of Microsoft's Internet Safety Enforcement Team, the average time a botnet takes to infect a computer is less than five minutes.
The researchers also stated that botnets have advanced so rapidly in recent months that it has become harder to detect them. In 2007, botnets started using a technique called fast-flux in which a rapidly changing series of Internet addresses are generated that make spotting and blocking of a botnet attack more difficult.
Though experts have reduced the size of botnets to approximately 300,000 PCs, it continues to be twice the total number detected in 2007.
However, the exact numbers might be far more. Microsoft researchers, who trace about 1,000 botnets at any point of time, stated that the biggest network still commands several million computers.
Moreover, computer security officials said that no computer running with an internet connection is free from botnet attacks. They suggest computer owners to deploy different programs available for malware detection; use a firewall as well as install the necessary security patches for their systems' operating software and other applications.Nevertheless, these measures might not give the desired results. In the second week of October 2008, computer security company Secunia said that it had tested 12 major computer security packages and discovered that the most effective one spotted only 64 out of 300 software flaws that allow malware installation on a PC.Organizations also revealed that the only way to fight the botnet menace and present day computer offenses is to establish an international alliance beyond national and corporate boundaries.
Moreover, experts pointed out that botnet attacks now come with their own anti-virus software, allowing the applications to acquire control over a system and subsequently eliminate other rival malware.

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  1. Zeo Trick6:51pm Oct 27

    Yeah right. You ask any hacker or newsgroup this and your gonna get flamed.
    Flaming is when someone responds to your question by throwing a string of
    anger and obsenities at you because they are mad. Why would they do this?
    After all hacking is about giving voluntry help isn't it? Well, asking how
    to hack is not only far too general, but it's also pointless. Nobody can
    tell you how to hack. They can give you passwords, programs and bugs, but
    they by doing this they would be stopping you from learning and discovering
    new things, and let's face it, the best way to learn to hack is to do it


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