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Sunday, November 21, 2010

CAT TECHIE Hacker Cracked All Pakistani Facebook Friends

CAT TECHIE Hacker Cracked All Pakistani Facebook Friends

Rafay Baloch introduces himself as an Ethical Hacker and a Security expert from Pakistan; then Adnan Anjum whom I call as my Pakistani brother, then Junaid, Umer rock, Ibrarz Buttz, Hassan ali khan,there are so many pakistan friends are in my list. They all used to chat with me every day. There is one more special friend of mine Jerry Hassan whith whom i have special bonding. All these hackers played an important role in my reserch work. Not only this, with some of them I have shared tremendous comfort level. Many a times I try doing social engineering with them to dig about pak cyber info but they just avoid commenting. some of them initiate guiding me over many such issues, many of them have typical love and hate relation with me.They have become my distinct family. Recentely I was hospitalised but I never thought that these friends can be so restless. Thier Messages were over flowing through my mailbox and blog I was so happy because I never expected them to be so caring. Rafay used to call me frequently and talk to me to solace about my conditions.

I was going through all my messages and in a while I came across one message, I couldn't hold back my tears. The message said,“hey sister your brother from Pakistan wants you to live long with all the happiness. Today I cried for and made prayers to Allah saying that to make you fit as soon as possible meri umar tummhe lagjayee.” I never expected any Pakistani hacker to be so kind to me. Actually this country is somewhere in my roots , so the countrymen, i love pakistan as much as i love India. when I am forced to choose one, i preffer going to hell than making a choice, its like asking a child to make choice between mother or a father. difficult but crood..

One day one more face book friend a Pakistani hacker asked me “do you know where I am?” I thought he will say I am in India. But he replied that “I am in Poland”,
“Hmmmm… when did go there??” I asked; he said “just aapse chat karte karte.” After some time he told me that he is hacking some site and have already rooted it and planning to deface that site. I just popped out of my window and thought to myself “my god such a bull shit. He came back to my window gave me link and said “hey! Look at this…when I clicked the link, it was some of the defaced site. I couldn't resist and started fighting with him, he just went offline, the another Pakistani friend asked me what happened told him that so and so had happened, later even he disappeared from chat box and joined me after an hour

Pakistani hacker- kaise mizaz hai apke
Me- not good
Pakistani hacker- want to laugh for a while???
Me- no
Pakistani hacker- dekh too lo ekk bar…

Before I could type anything he sent me link when I clicked in I saw that the site was restored. At that moment my happiness knew no bound I was like “WwWooOoowWwwW”…(i became baby and started dancing, that moment was very special in my life)……

Then he wrote ' choti si baat pe dil udas mat karna… tumhara bhaii hai na?

there is another cute little hacker Swati, hassan ali khan. he use to come in my chat box with a defaced link a day, and we used to argue over stupid things thats how he used to neglect and leave, but in the recent past this little boy has touched my heart with some of his innocent Gestures. In this article i am not mentioning the name of my hacking mentor of Pakistan, but becuase him today i know atleast the a b c d...of hacking, this is very intersting happening of my life as a hacker.One more friend IBRARZ i can never forget because i use to share every small happening of my life with him, humble,curious yet very much Mysterious friend, how he came my way how he disapperard is very long and traumatic story to know. But while leaving my windows he took me to different stage of investigations what happened after that just read it in my book, there are so many such good bad and ugly experiences i have written in my book Cyber Terror. Beyond this the horryfing facts about hackers and hacking is worth knowing..

CAT TECHIE Hacker Cracked All Pakistani Facebook Friends

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