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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

HACK ONLY IF YOU HAVE GUTS | You Are Under Scanner on 26/11: DONT DEFACE

26/11 is still an unsolved puzzle for both the countries; David Headly an American played a major role in terror attack. Speaking about US' stand on supplying information about the mastermind of 26/11 attacks, David Headley, Union Home Secretary, G K Pillai stated that US could have given information even after the tragic incident if they would have failed to give that before the attack. FBI is known agency for its intelligence, how can it fail on such issues? Buzz up! We could say that we were disappointed that the name of David Headley was not provided, if not pre-26/11 at least post 26/11. When Headley came subsequently in Mar 2009 to India at least at that time we could have nabbed him here. According US media reports, two of Headley's wives in 2005 and 2007 informed FBI about Headley's plan of the Mumbai 2008 terror attack. I think they (US) have shared (Headley's information) but I would appreciate if it had been much more than what they have been doing. Asia is a golden sparrow on globe and powerful nations like America is in greed to acquire it, by dividing and rule.Unfortunately the so called hackers of both the countries India and Pakistan never thought of eyeing on such info and help their respective governments to make concrete stand on such issue. Fools are beating around the bush and targeting the public property by defacing their websites? Any of the so called patriotic hacker if has guts, should dig the info and get into government systems to bring out the truth. Irrespective of which ever they feel is appropriate. No hacker is ethically defacing any sites; the crime is done on a dark couth and with lots of anonymity. Maintain same here and be a robin -hood for your nation’s interest.
Defacing sites is nothing but impotency, a useless outlet for your wasted frustration.Defacing sites is not hacking. Unfortunately my hackers’ friends boast their skills on these kinds of wasted gimmicks and shamelessly display their crippled skills on online network, tagging it with possible best friends on Face Book; some stupid news portal even wastes its valuable news space displaying defaced pages. And some fool like me make signature statements on the same, As if the hacker has won biggest battle on earth. This so called hacking can be even done in 500 rupees, register a domain in 200 hundred rupees book it in whatever name you want after some time hacked it by spitting poisonous venom by hurting national and religious sentiments. I pity your skills.
In its latest dossier on 26/11 attacks, Pakistan has asked India to provide 15-20 items of Pak-origin, including rucksacks, recovered from the terrorists and the boat used by them. Islamabad also sought detailed post-mortem reports and the doctor's inquest report without specifying the individuals whose reports are needed. It wants the judicial commission to be given access to the doctor who carried out the post-mortem but has not mentioned whose report is required. The assumption is that Pakistan is referring to the reports of the nine killed terrorists. The Home Ministry is examining this in detail and will decide whether a clarification is needed. Pakistan has, on its part, clarified that the three-member judicial commission would comprise a lawyer each from the prosecution and defence as well as a coordinator who could be a government or court official. It has made it clear that the commission will not be cross-examining Indian officials but will only authenticate their statements and findings as conveyed earlier by India.
In response to queries by India about the legal basis of forming such a commission, Pakistan has cited Section 503 of its Code of Criminal Procedure which allows for alternate means if the witness cannot be produced before a court. It has also made reference to Pakistan's Qanoon-e-Shahadat that upholds the right of the accused to maintain silence and puts the onus of proof on the prosecution. Any hacker has solution to this? The note on the judicial commission, sources said, is separate from the dossier. Both were handed to the Indian Deputy High Commissioner over the weekend. India will need to respond soon on the judicial commission because the Pakistan court is said to have posted the hearing, as of now, to November 13. The judge had made it clear in the last hearing that the government must come with a written response from India the next time the court meets. The dossier also rakes up the Fahim Ansari case and has asked India for more details. Following the revelations by David Coleman Headley, the charges on Ansari have weakened. While the court has acquitted him, India has told Pakistan that the state still plans to go in appeal. Nine dead bodies once acted as patriots for their respective country are languishing in Indian mortuary and disowned by everyone, one lone live terrorist playing prank every day, neither Pakistan can do anything with neither him nor India. The reason one that holds these puppets is enjoying the show. Deface the terror groups, deface the false intelligence group, defacing websites is nothing but false pride to yourself and shame to nation.
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