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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


*There is a call for all Indian hackers to unite? What has prompted such a call?

*How grave is the threat of cyber crime in India?

*Is the threat more serious to civil or military targets in India?

*How do you view India’s progress in countering cyber terrorism?

*There is talk about penetration of malware into military and defence systems. Are terrorist organizations capable of doing the same? Do they really have such capabilities as pointed out by the intelligence services?

*There was an issue with regard to the Stuxnet worm recently. Could you explain to us about the worm and also the effects it could have on India and where it has originated from?

*The capabilities of our security agencies appear not to be up to the mark while dealing with cyber terrorism? What suggestions do you have for them?

*Speaking of the law are you satisfied with the existing laws available to deal with cyber terrorism?

*If at all a full fledged cyber war is launched then what would be its impact in India?

*The USA says that if a full fledged cyber war is launched then it could result in a break down of systems such as oil refineries, air traffic control systems and also our satellite system. Do you see this happening?

*Are organizations such as ISRO doing enough to protect their satellites from attacks from threats such as the Stuxnet bomb?

*Are our nuclear installations guarded from such threats?

*It is clear that our police force cannot do much by itself on this issue. Are you happy with the manner in which India uses ethical hackers to wade away such threats?

*How would you compare the hacking scene in India when compared to Pakistan and other countries?

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