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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Linux vs MAC: Which is Better OS for Hackers

Post- by Haimant Butz

Now a days there is big discussions over the usages of Mac and Linux, specially the script kiddies are very much queries bout usages of Mac and contented Linux-on-Mac .Just Look Around you will notice the surge in use of Apple hardware and Mac OS X. Since it is based so solidly on Unix, yet with an attractive GUI on top, OS X has appealed to a broad range of programmers and technical writers; especially the kind who have no affection for the Wintel way of doing things. Many of them stuck with Mac OS X because it worked. Lots wanted to explore alternatives, and install their own choice of OS. Your typical modern Mac comes with all the UNIX goodness you ever need, there are a bunch of Linux PPC distributions that you can, if you feel the need, install on your Apple hardware. By doing this please be sure about what you are doing to your computer.

Especially, when your mother wants to see you as top rank programmer at Google instead of checking others skills question your potentials. Many of us assume that Mac OS X is essentially desktop Linux. This is true to some extent, but the differences between Mac OS X and true Linux distributions are important ones. Whereas Mac OS X can only be customized within the constraints placed upon it by Apple. Linux can be customized to an extraordinary degree, with the right knowledge. Generally Mac OS X requires Apple hardware. Linux is the same whether it’s running on a PowerBook, a PC, or even in your mind (to check someone’s skills) . So many anonymous hackers pounce at my chat window to ask “hey you use Linux or Mac”? I feel like laughing. The other day somebody was bothering me too much over the usages of Linux and Mac. I have a principle; my grandmother who is an IAS taught me some beautiful things in life. She often uses to tell me share your skills or knowledge with such a person who is there to receive, that will give you wisdom. Otherwise if someone wants to check your skills and make sure that you are learned or not, then just empty your brains and stand at the receiving end. When you become receiver you gain. Do not display your skills at unwanted place and to an anonymous. Anyways passing through the test given by any anonymous will continue as never ending head hitting. While chatting on face book you can easily prove you are a fool a Noob and dumb. Which is what exactly I do when somebody tries taking me for jolly ride over hacking issues, I pass that bug to other chat window and relax. The reason is that the friends chatting with you are of same community and he will prove as blessing to communicate other person that he or she is Dumb.

I tried directly telling the other person that “ look I am dump and do not know much about hacking or tools, exploits, rooting, shell uploading, coding, defacing or taking control over cPanel. The moment I say this I get it back with the question “oh jaan this is what is your true colour? I never knew displays of skills are quite colorful. Aah! Leave it, in short what I want to say is sharing your knowledge with right kind of people or at rite time at place is worth otherwise its nothing but time waste. Because the other person is not going to give you any certification, he will be even more aggressive. You will waste you valuable time and energy over proving yourself to a wrong person. This is part of social engineering, and I am sure no classes will give you this awareness.

Now let us come to the fight between Mac and Linux. Mac OS X has made great strides in bringing a Unix-based environment to a consumer user-base, and has influenced Linux developers in the process, but it should not be treated in the same way. It remains a commercial, proprietary system, as good as the other complimentary technologies. It also depends on how familiar you are with Linux, if you run Mac OS X you are not in a position to delve into its heart and meddle with its innermost workings. You are simply messing around with your Linux kernel?

Let me site another example, the general assumptions says Mac OS X is easy to use; Linux is hard, especially for newbies. Well, my friend had a Linux desktop (it was Lycoris running on an old PC, in case you're wondering), and then my Mac OS X desktop. My friend had ever used Windows computers before was damn impressed with Lycoris. Because so many Linux distros and window environments have made such an effort to make former Windows users feel comfortable, some of them look so much like Windows as to be almost indistinguishable. Windows users see them and they do feel comfortable. Everything is where they expect it to be, everything behaves the way they are used to it behaving. They feel relaxed about using something that feels familiar. There are so many confusions, but as a lifelong Windows user, Mac OS X was completely alien, but consumer-level Linux felt almost the same.

So for running Linux on Mac hardware: (1) It is far more customizable for those who care and know how, and (2) it feels more like Windows than Mac OS X does, for those who care and have no wish to know how.

Mac OS X is built of two components: Darwin, the BSD-based UNIX underpinnings, and Aqua, the beautiful graphical user interface .

However, there are other operating systems and other work environments that can be installed on an Apple system, based on popular open source Linux applications. Read my next post on how one can cheat or hack with any kind of applications, if you are a good hacker. You need to keep your mouth shut and work on target and Make up your own mind. Don’t keep on barging at others windows tasting their skills like a lunatic ass; by doing this you are displaying your own mental status.

There are many hackers come up saying please find the vulnerability in so and so site, if you refuse they might proveke you.. but Please stay away without knowing the intentions of hacker, without prior permission of site owner never apply your social skills on such issues. By refusing such offers you might be named do do but I am sure you will be always remain risk free in life.

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