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Friday, November 19, 2010

Pakistan Hacker KhantastiC HaXor Won: Congratulations Khantastic

Few months ago
 this was his profile picture

And the winner is hacker of Pakistan- KhantastiC haXor

He leaves his statements on his defacements saying “To all the enemies of Islam, we say: By Allah, we will not Lost This War and we will continue. Or sometimes he makes his signature with the statement “This Way KhantastiC  haXor Pass … My Name Is KhantastiC haXor And I will Do all I can To Raise The ISLAM n Pakistan’s Flag may be I can't Use a Weapon But I'll Use Stronger Tool and It's My skill... Why I Am Here: No reason given yet.
Fair, sharp features an average built young dude, very egoistic and intelligent maybe that’s the reason he gets head ache quite often. He is lazy lump loves to sleep, not a early bird, but  very sharp and short tempered young dude. who loves Music and lives in style, electronic gadgets is his passion. This aggressive looking hacker of Pakistan not only known for his style of hacking but he is also popular amongst teen agers. his voice is very tender yet husky and sometimes speaks loud but looks clam.There are lots of myths and misconceptions about this hacker.  But the most appreciating fact is that he is Very much religious and prompt Namaji , young boy who loves his country more than himself. He loves to rule this dark world on his own terms and conditions. He is one of the most famous hacker of Pakistan. He is voted as most popular hacker amongst other nominees. This hacker is even my favorite hacker and I loved writing about his good bad and ugly side of life in the second edition of “Cyber Terror”.
his defacement page pic
He is from an upper middleclass well do to family. Peshavar is his favourate place. The most interesting part of his circular is hoisting and maintaining websites, earlier he loved hacking sites all alone but now a day, he has his proper network and team. Don’t go his way he can reach to you in any means be prepared to face. That is what generally other hackers tell about him. Read most interesting story of a hacker in Cyber terror.As we have already promised a gift hamper for winner, which is with us, he can collect it on his own or can ask someone to do the needful on his behalf.
 KhantastiC  209 (26%)      ReXor HaXor   157 (19%)
  Cyber swati   149 (18%)    c0de breaker   121 (15%)
  Total Votes so far: 793  (these votes are given on a popularity but not on any skill tests)

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