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Monday, November 15, 2010

Sensational Story of Journalist Vaidehi Sachin AKA Cat Techie, Author of Book Cyber Terror

Read sensational story of a Journalist and writer Vaidehi sachin ( Cattechie) author of the book Cyber Terror .

Her traumatic experience with particular hacker, who disguised his presence with multiple face book ID’s and took the writer for granted, Vaidehi has suffered tremendous mental trauma and setback. Finally she could make her way to enable traces of that hacker, how she succeeded in her investigations read her blog. The field of investigative journalism has exploded over the past few years. This branch of journalism has long been regarded as one of the most challenging and rewarding branches of media business. Investigative journalism, in which journalists investigate and expose unethical immoral and illegal behavior by individuals, businesses and government agencies, can be complicated, time-consuming and expensive.

As a skill it can strip away the pleasing fade of a deceptive leader and expose flaws in conventional wisdom. If investigative journalism is done right, it can pose a huge threat to any powerful figure who seeks to manipulate a population. Twenty five year old reporter from India is pioneer in investigative journalism in cyber world. Among her many adventures she was known for going undercover and writing about first-hand tales of the lives of ordinary people. She also exposed the horrors of child labor, when she worked undercover in a factory, among shedding light on low wages and unsafe working conditions in general. However, as one might imagine, Bly received negative feedback for exposing such atrocities and attacking companies in her articles. In response to her stories, companies threatened to stop buying advertising space in the paper causing the editor to bring an end to the series.

However, vaidehi caught the eye of many media houses. She recently established a name for herself by writing about Hackers, internet crime and cyber terror, Hackers conditions all over globe. She is most known for her part in exposing the atrocities, she discovered the way of this new horror and abusive world of cyber terror.. Few hackers tried taking her for toss and put her at trance.

Read her blog ( for her traumatic encounter with Pakistani hackers.

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