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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Social Engineering and Face book community

All unknown faces yet they are called friends, we may not see them but they are close to your heart, he can be a saint, a terrorist, a hacker, or an undercover agent may be some police official you never know who they are....but on face book they are termed as frinds. When they share place in your account they automatically become a part of your FB family,community and friend.. 
Almost all my Face Book friends are aware of the fact that I love to interact with every friend of mine in detail. I mean I give them time; Cat is still big question mark and puzzle for many of my readers and friends.  What I come across the word always is Social Engineering. That has fascinated me a lot bur also understood that how this particular word is misunderstood here, especially in hackers community.There was a young face book friend chintan pinged to chat and pounced saying you don’t have time to chat or what? In reply I typed “ na sweet heart I was Busy..The reply came to asking ‘Aha social engineering?  (That surprised me) I asked him the meaning, he said when you want to get into some hackers sleeves then these stupid girls use these terms, jaan, sweet heart, love.  I was really amazed because this term introduced me to one more vital statistic of a hacker.
Gradually this particular term came my way quite often, the funniest part is that when I used to chat with some of my friends getting over emotional, back of my mind the some though use to ping me saying, Hey techie are you sure you are not falling prey to social engineering?  And all of a sudden use to hold myself chatting. When you're on the chat with someone, or you're interacting to someone, and all of a sudden you feel this pressure to make a decision, to take an action, you have to stop and think where is this pressure coming from? They'll try to put pressure on the target so they don't have time to think about their decision,  oh "Don't get caught up in the story that's being told to you. A sense of pressure that shouldn't be there, that's a big red flag. If you do get a feeling that someone is fishing for information that they shouldn't, stick to your guns. If someone asks for information that you don't know if you should release, many social engineers will break it off if there's a break in the conversation."
Security concerns arising from increased social mobility and enhanced exposure of the community will also emerge. There will also be advocacy concerns on issues of social engineering that define the nexus of relationships between the business and its host community. Government regulations as they affect the conduct of business must also be taken into consideration. Last but not the least is the issue of ancillary businesses that spring up as service providers to the business and its staff. Responsible (ethical) practice is about maintaining an effective balance in the company’s approach and attitude to these issues so that all stakeholders – and not only shareholders – are satisfied. Globally, times are changing. And so are the rules of engagement! Companies need to be more alive and sensitive to the social and environmental issues of their operating landscape. There’s no gainsaying the fact that businesses contribute largely to the degeneration and depletion of natural and social capital. It would be highly immoral and bordering on crass irresponsibility for them not to be fully involved in the process of alleviating the attendant consequences. Every business needs an atmosphere of socio-economic and political stability for optimum effectiveness in its operations. Such stability is jeopardized when natural and social capitals are compromised. The logic is simple; if you don’t help in draining out water when it starts seeping into the boat, get ready to go down with it when it sinks. Even if you put on a life jacket, you still end up in the water! No matter how tight your network security or well-considered your security policy, the human element at your business remains vulnerable to hackers. But there are steps you can take to tighten your security against social engineering attacks. No matter how much expertise and money you put into your network security and preventing data theft—firewalls, security appliances, encryption, etc.—the human element remains vulnerable to hackers who apply social engineering techniques.  Let me comeback to the term Social Engineering and Face book friends. The subject is very serious and vague to understand on security level, but these kids hardly between the age group of 15 to 20 has made social engendering a myth and taboo. Every genuine expression of your they take it as trait of social engineering, and when they actually fall prey to this term the dodoes don’t even realize that  they are the  victims this time. Face book in one of the biggest hackers community, all want to acquire some basic tools from their AKA, some want to hack password of girlfriends Gmail account, some has urge in fiddling with the face book account of a friend and other thinks if they learn hacking they can be an asset to government by defacing some websites of other country, but none of them is matured enough to understand security threat, and depth of the subject. I always used to think that, at least Face book community is far beyond religious haterate and communal disharmony.. no I am wrong ...Here too we are living with same mess and preparing to attack some ones integrity…………
but believe it or not ten percent community members are actually known to you and rest just unknown but very close to your heart...the fun is that When you don’t know the face of the person with whom you are interacting, then you shed all inhabitations and speak out your mind to your unknown yet close friend of your… this is what probably called social engineering…  and that’s good for mental solace.
t the end... one question taht always haunts me is  " Are they really aware of term Social Engineering and its Importance? or side effects?

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