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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cyber war of the sexes

In the male dominated world of hackers, females find it difficult to be accepted as equals. Their technical skills are often viewed as inferior to their male counterparts. This particular trend was sabotaged by Chinese girls but in the recent past, there are many girls across the nation are successful hackers. News Makers team could catch a few of them. Wait for exclusive interviews of these Gang of hacker girls..

• The first groups of female Chinese hackers to break this mold were the Six Golden Flowers. The Golden Flowers have since broken up and gone their separate ways, but a new and larger group has taken their place, the Cn (China) Girl Security Team. The website for the China Girl Security Team was registered on 12 Mar 2007 and currently has 2,217 members. The leader of the group Xiao Tian, is only 19 years old.

• “Hacking is not breaking the law. The word for that type of behavior is "criminal"- CH.Jyotsna hacker form south India.

• “There are many male hackers across the globe but maximum of them are kiddies’ and they just do showoff by displaying their potentials on their own blog but actual credentials are grey. I am one of the female Hacker and use my potentials without exploiting any displays’- Veronica from Bhuvaneshvar.

• ‘‘Generally female hackers are not traceable on net because they don’t write their names in notations, just like any male hackers. Female hackers use hacking terms to be named globally. I wonder why these male hackers fail to trace us. More over hacker is always treated as criminal mindset, it’s difficult for we girls to disclose our identities openly” – Reva(name changed) Assam
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  1. hey vaidehi this is something very much exciting to read.its wonam's power. they have exploited each and evey field, where other sex had dominance. I am waitningto read about these female hackers.
    Bandana Shah

  2. Thanks for the information di... So, girls have already put their foot in the field of hacking... Until now, I was unaware about this...


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