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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

HACK...Hack and Hack

Whenever anyone hears the word “HACK” 1st he will check all his present email accounts are safe.Hack is like thread to a normal person and everyone wants to stay away from hackers. They all have negative image of hackers in their mind. Hackers penetrate the firewall enters in your account steal, destroy the information or data in your account and they go, hackers should keep behind the bars this is some general idea people have in their mind about hackers.Hacking is an art. Very few talented people have this in them, and these artists are called as hackers. Hackers doesn’t go to any random persons detail n destroy them. Its obvious that the great artist will always expect a great audience for him. Hackers don’t attack on the normal people they have their respective targets set.According to my general observation each hacker have his different story for being a hacker.The government sabotages some so they chose the path of hacking, some have interest from childhood, some wants to show the government that how much we are lacking in our security n etc.Recently majority youth of nation is diverted toward this unusual sector of hacking. The avg age of hackers varies betn 15-25. They start training them selves form the age 4-7. I don’t think I would be knowing the C of a computer wen I was 7 yrs old.

This is a very different kind of a group of people with very large amount of potential and they are heading without ant direction. They don’t have anyone to support them, lack of unity, and the worst is everyone look at them as a criminal.

They have created their own virtual world, which is beyond imagination. The hackers need proper guidance, a platform where they can show their skills and make something good out of it. They are just heading to darker side of this world.

Nowadays world is running on the Internet. Heavy transactions are getting done in a minute with the help of Internet. Friends, videos, photos, and marriages almost everything is there on the Internet. And the hackers are the masters of ruining it or making it better, so we need to make a proper platform for them n allow them to help us for better.

vishvajeet Gaikwad

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