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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Vaidehi: The Real Woman of Substance by Jyestha Arya

Vaidehi: The Real Woman of Substance by Jyestha Arya

She foils The Man in the Corner, the main protagonist of the story. She is positive and has a completely different view on the crime than The Man in the Corner. This is a complete fresh story without any smell of remake or copy. In this story a lady journalist holds the key to the story and due to her courage, risk taking and confidence the secret is revealed and the story moves. Its story of a girl next door who hold the thread of political corridors? Girl born in middleclass south Indian family and reaches to the heights of media. She is A mentor and Messiah for hundreds of strugglers in media, its story of true woman in substance. Awaiting for grand launch..Its my tribut to my mentore................

This book will be published on 26th January evening by Rashtrapati Ji at Delhi

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