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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Call for Cyber Army: Beyond the News Cover Story 15th October Edition

Call for Cyber Army: Beyond the News Cover Story 15th October Edition

Recently we launched a magazine titled Hacker5 based on the cyber happenings.

The launch was witnessed by brilliant youth who pursued hacking as their career. I was surprised to come across a shocking as well as surprising news which pushed me to browse through all those sites which are celebrating 26/11 as a remarkable victory day. It’s pathetic and very much hurting to see how the government could neglect such issues on minor notes. If a layman can browse and notice such sites, where the intelligence department has gone? When I asked our so called cyber security tycoon about banning such sites, he said probably they are hoisted in Pakistan and we have no control over the same. How helpless is our system, Ajmal Kasab is enjoying all privileges like a VIP guest at the cost of billions of rupees. The sufferers are yet to come out of this trauma and we are just crippled over such issue? Who will stop such websites and blogs? When can this be brought to an end? Unfortunately neither government nor intelligence has an answer to this. But there are few patriotic hackers who have definite solution to such traits.

On 26/11 they might deface this entire website to convey these cruel people to stop playing with the emotions of our country men. They have the solution to stop this kind of mental atrocities. Thousands of Pakistan websites may come down that day and its nothing but the reaction to the action. I know our Law makers and constitution will never support this stand by these hackers, but then what is the solution? If Pakistan has right to celebrate such horrifying day don’t we have right to teach them a lesson and that too for securing the pride of our nation?


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